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Vacancy Rates On The Rise?

A recent apartment publication had an astonishing statistic regarding one of the nation's largest and strongest apartment markets. Incredibly, in the fourth quarter of 2008, the vacancy rate in Phoenix, AZ hit a record high of 14.7%!

In this challenging environment, how can a manager, regional, marketing director or owner reduce the vacancy rate, and increase the bottom line? The only answer is smart marketing and hard work. We know some communities will continue taking the loss until the economy turns around, hoping that empty units will fill themselves. Unfortunately, as those of us who have been in the industry for a long time know, that rarely happens.

No matter if you're in Phoenix or Maine, when your vacancy rates are over 5-6%, you cannot afford to waste any advertising dollars! When you pour money into apartment magazines, Internet sites and newspapers, those companies are using your advertising dollars to present your community to UNQUALIFIED prospects. They promise that your message will get out, but can't control who will actually see it. Their marketing philosophy is that if "you throw enough spaghetti against the wall, something has to stick."

Don't you deserve more? You've worked hard to establish yourself and your community, and settling for expensive and ineffective advertising is a recipe for disappointment. When you commission Apartment & Real Estate Promotions to create a custom-designed direct mail campaign for your community, you'll receive a first-class marketing solution with a proven track record spanning more than 20 years.

You see, we don't simply throw a few pictures on a postcard and mail it to "apartment shoppers." That's not the way that Apartment & Real Estate Promotions has gained an industry-leading reputation as "The Direct Mail Experts." We work hand-in-hand with you to create a beautiful postcard that will engage prospects the moment they see it in their mailboxes. When they arrive at your property for a tour, with your postcard in hand, you'll know your advertising dollars worked!

Besides the incredible design, what else makes your campaign so effective? Here's the secret: you handpick every prospect that will receive your postcard! Your marketing piece and advertising budget will NEVER be wasted on one prospect who is not qualified to move into your community! More qualified traffic will lead to more leases, which in turn will increase your bottom line. Watch your high vacancy rates evaporate when your occupancy soars!

Apartment & Real Estate Promotions is the industry leader in creating unique, one-of-a-kind, engaging marketing pieces that deliver traffic and leases to your community, month in and month out. We do this without any hidden charges, providing all the pricing up front, and with the best customer service possible.

Since the only ways to lower vacancy rates in a recession are hard work and smart marketing, let The Direct Mail Experts of the apartment industry get your community on the path to 100% occupancy! Call us today, at 1-800-973-3317.

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