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Supersized or Superstar?

Why are more apartment professionals dropping their ad agencies and turning to Apartment & Real Estate Promotions to meet their apartment marketing needs? The answer may sound a little corny, but it's true: it's because we are superstars when it comes to producing professional marketing materials that create exceptional results for less money.

We are a small group of dedicated professionals who always put the property and marketing needs of our clients first. As a result, we have been selected by thousands of apartment communities nationwide to develop marketing materials and direct mail programs that consistently increase qualified traffic and boost occupancy.

There's no need to waste tens of thousands of dollars with an ad agency when Apartment & Real Estate Promotions can deliver all of your marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost. Our team is as talented and experienced as they come, and you can be confident that we always deliver on our promise to build your brand. We've been handling apartment marketing campaigns for over 25 years, and your property can enjoy signifcant savings when you order directly from The Apartment Marketing Experts.

Below are the top 10 reasons why we outshine and outperform every other marketing company, ad agency or Internet printer you can find, and why so many major management companies in America turn to us.

10. During our normal business hours, our phone will always be answered by a real person, not a machine.

9. Once your order is placed, you will not be forgotten. We promise an extremely fast turnaround time, and we keep you informed all along the way.

8. Your specific needs will not get lost in the shuffle. We treat you like you are our only customer.

7. Your advertising problems will always be met with solutions, not excuses.

6. Making your property look exceptional and building your brand will be our top priorities.

5. Higher occupancy and increased qualified traffic will not be an empty promise.

4. Every marketing piece is 100% custom-designed for each individual apartment community.

3. We have NO HIDDEN CHARGES. The price you are quoted or see online is the exact price you will pay.

2. Our staff is dedicated solely to the apartment industry, and we have over 50 years of combined experience raising occupancy rates and designing beautiful marketing materials.

And the number one reason to choose Apartment & Real Estate Promotions for all of your marketing needs is because...

1. We are small enough to give personal attention and large enough to produce exceptional results!

If you've held off choosing a marketing company, or feel that you need a huge ad agency to give your property a professional look, we've just given you 10 honest, real reasons to pick up the phone and give us a try. Email us at, or call us at 1-800-973-3317 to talk to a real person who can offer real solutions for your community.

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