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The Truth About Direct Mail Pt. 2

3 Direct Mail Truths From "The Direct Mail Experts."

Part 2 of 3: Direct mail reaches prospects that traditional apartment advertising can't.

I'm a renter, and truth be told, I haven't been to a grocery store in a few weeks. I use a credit card to pay for my gas, so I rarely walk inside a gas station. The last time I pulled over on the side of the road for anything was when some papers accidentally flew out of my car. I don't subscribe to the newspaper, but I do subscribe to NetFlix and haven't stepped foot in a Blockbuster Video in probably 5 years.

Why do these facts matter to you? Because these are the places you advertise! In grocery stores, gas stations, video rental stores, the newspaper and even on the side of the road. Apartment publications try to place their books in any empty corner they can find, hoping and wishing that qualified prospects will pick one up and find you.

How is your marketing message going to get in my hands?

No matter what anyone tells you, your target market is not simply an "apartment shopper." An "apartment shopper" falls into a large and diverse group of people, most of whom cannot live in your community.

How is your marketing message going to get in my hands?

Of course, I'm not implying that every apartment renter is exactly like me, but the truth is that people today don't live the traditional lifestyle they used to. You can pretty much get anything you need, any time you need it, at the click of a button or with a swipe of a card. Apartment advertising venues just haven't kept up. The marketing tactics that worked 10 years ago won't work today. One thing has stayed the same though; the mailman still delivers 6 days a week through rain, sleet, hail or snow. A direct mail postcard is the only sure-fire way to know that your marketing message is reaching prospects. Why risk your advertising dollars with apartment publications and websites that advertise your community where only a handful of renters will see your marketing message? Wouldn't you rather be certain that your marketing message reaches 100% of your target market?

Direct mail goes beyond conventional apartment advertising. A direct mail postcard will actually place your marketing message into the hands of every single prospect in your target market month after month. No other advertising source can make a statement like that.

If you seriously give direct mail from Apartment & Real Estate Promotions a chance, you will see more qualified traffic walk into your leasing office, and you'll rent more apartments because that traffic is qualified. We create your postcard, gather the mailing list of your qualified prospects, print, mail and provide the best customer service in the industry. We have over 35 years of apartment advertising experience and have provided apartment communities all over the nation with tens of thousands of leases. Join them today.

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