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Apartment Marketing Slogans That Lease, Lease, Lease!

Trust me...I know. Coming up with an effective slogan for your apartment community can be one of the most difficult parts of apartment marketing. The problem is not just coming up with a catchy slogan; that task is pretty simple. The real task is creating a catchy slogan that will also entice prospects to LEASE FROM YOU! After all, leasing apartments is the bottom line! All you have to do is keep your slogan simple, relate it to your property and create a desire to live in your community. Of course, you have to do this while convincing yourself that what you come up with doesn't sound stupid.

When you start looking for the perfect set of words that describe your community it seems the world has been laid before you. You have a blank canvas. You can say, well, pretty much anything.

What image do you want your slogan to portray? Do you want it to directly relate to your community's setting? Do you want to create a slogan that makes your property seem better than it really is? (Think about that one for a minute. You've bought goods and services from vendors who used exactly that strategy, so you know it works.)

These are great questions to ask yourself first. Then, start tossing ideas around in your head, bounce some ideas off of a co-worker, and maybe about 4 hours later you will have Googled "apartment marketing slogans" so many times that they all seem the same. . .mostly silly, and none of them apply to your community.

Now's a good time to take a deep breath and step back. Remind yourself that it really isn't that hard to come up with a marketing slogan. In fact, we'll walk you through it. You can breathe now. Ready? WOOOOOSSSAAAWWWW.

We've come up with 4 simple steps to create a slogan that is personal, unique and fits your property well.

1 - KISS - Keep it Short N' Simple. We're renting apartments here, not trying to sell a car based on 100 different options. Something simple and short will certainly do the trick.

2 - Relate The Slogan To Your Property This should be a no-brainer, but you would be amazed if you saw the slogans that I've come across. A community deep in the mountains is not "Where Big City Living Meets Country Charm," and a 70-story building in mid-town Manhattan is not where you can "Escape it All." If you directly relate the slogan to your property and surrounding area, you're eliminating a lot of potentially bad ideas.

3 - Your Amenities Are A Huge Selling Point! If your property has awesome amenities, use them to your advantage. If you're located on a golf course, then go with a golf-related slogan. "At Home on The Green" would be a good one. If your community is surrounded by lakes and nature preserves, a slogan like "Luxury Living Between Peaceful Nature Preserves and 5 Scenic Lakes!" could work really well for you.

4 - BUZZWORDS are essential! Buzzwords are key to every marketing campaign you launch. Of course, you want to capture the audience with a beautiful presentation, but you also need to capture their thought process with words that create a desire to LEASE! Any word can be a buzzword, but what's your community's buzzword? That is the question.

-If your community is income-restricted, words like "Affordable" can mean a lot to a prospect.

-If you're close to everything, then say you are!

-If your best selling feature is your location because you're near excellent shopping, you might try this, "Where Great Living and Shopping Are Only Minutes Apart."

-If one of your selling features is large square footage, then say so with words like "extra-large", or use your actual square footage. "Featuring Up To 1,400 Square Feet Of Luxury Living In Each Apartment Home" works nice. Whatever you do, don't use words like "spacious." Everybody says they are "spacious." Give your square footage meaning!

I hope these 4 simple steps bring you a little closer to the perfect slogan for your property. Just remember, keep it short, keep it relative, feature an amenity if you can and use buzzwords. Let your slogan sell for you!

JR - Apartment & Real Estate Promotions

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