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Custom-designed, full-color flyers are perfect for advertising your property. They are an economical solution for your marketing needs and can be used in a variety of ways.

Flyers are perfect for announcing grand openings, renovations, move-in specials, special events, and outside marketing efforts that are too numerous to mention. Your flyers can even be direct mailed! Get a head start when market conditions are changing quickly, and watch your competition in the rearview mirror!

Call today, and let our team of expert graphic designers create an exciting advertising piece that will get great results for your property!

Print Only - Full-Color One or Both Sides - 100LB Gloss Book - Glossy AQ Coating

Flyer Size 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,500
8.5" x 11" (One-Sided) $339 $353 $625 $749 $1,349
8.5" x 11" (Two-Sided) $389 $403 $675 $799 $1,400

Print & Design - Full-Color One or Both Sides - 100LB Gloss Book - Glossy AQ Coating

Flyer Size 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
8.5" x 11" (One-Sided) $739 $753 $1,025 $1,149 $1,749
8.5" x 11" (Two-Sided) $789 $803 $1,075 $1,199 $1,800

Shipping, FL sales tax and one-time set-up fee of $50.00 not included. No set-up fee on reorders. Additional quantities and sizes available.

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Flyer Quality

Our flyers are full-color on both sides, printed on a thick, 100LB gloss book and have a glossy AQ coating. We never sacrifice quality for price, and guarantee you'll have the highest quality flyers available. If you're looking for different paper and size options, one of our service representatives will be happy to provide you with a free, custom quote.

Ordering With Apartment & Real Estate Promotions Is So Simple!

We're serious about wanting your experience with Apartment & Real Estate Promotions to be exciting, pleasant and stress-free. With our "Everything's Included" approach, you can leave everything to us, sit back and actually enjoy the process!

What do we mean when we say "Everything's Included?"

- It means there are NO hidden charges! Ever!

- It means your order includes free custom design services, free stock art, free alterations, free photo scans, free typesetting, free 3-D computer effects, free light photo touch-up and free digital proofs.

- Any additional charges, like one-time set-up fees or fees for redrawing logos or floor plans, will be quoted up front!

Lastly, we never lose sight of the fact that great customer service is the most important element to include on any project, and we make sure we deliver on that promise every time. A huge percentage of our business is repeat business, which says that our commitment to excellence is more than just talk. Call today, and find out for yourself!

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